Special Education Advocacy and Consultative Services

Planning for the Future...Today


Special Education Advocacy and Consultative Services (SpEACS) offers highly trained and qualified Special Education advocacy and consultative services to help you - whether you are working to develop the appropriate Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or gathering information on services available to your child with special needs or developmental disabilities.


  • Combines the education, training and practical experience with the knowledge of the school operations to assist you in navigating effectively through the special education process;
  • Is trained and knowledgeable in analyzing reports, scores and test data and applying that information to the IEP;
  • Is trained in the areas of Speech and Language, Hearing and Auditory Processing, Visual and Oculo-vestibular Processes and Neuro-anatomy;
  • Is proficient in developing, implementing and monitoring Individualized Educational Programs (IEP);
  • Has a working knowledge of Speech-Language Therapy (SLP), Hearing-Impaired (HI), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Adaptive Physical Education (APE) and Assistive Technology (ACS, FM, PECS);
  • Assists in the coordination between child/family, physicians and school.

SpEACS will be very effective during meetings and conferences where tensions and anxiety may rise and you need to have “someone on your side.” SpEACS are experts at obtaining positive results in the IEP and implementation process necessary for your child’s future - today.

SpEACS serves as the intermediary for the parents and families. This assures a flow of information and answers to and from the various disciplines in your child’s program.