Special Education Advocacy and Consultative Services

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What Others Say about Us

....”has a talent for communicating important ideas and insights. Dr Yacks has the ability to develop quality relationships and to give people the encouragement they need to do their very best.” William B., Technology Coordinator

....”Dr Yacks is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of special education law and current trends in the field. An effective communicator, Dr. Yacks is able to relay this information into understandable terms to both parents and colleagues...” Raegan W., Principal

....”Dr. Yacks is child centered and was committed to my children. He spent many, many hours ensuring that my Down’s Syndrome daughter and ADHD/ODD son were being provided the best possible services....” Patti L., Parent

....”As a “foster parent”, I get very troubled kids. Dr. Yacks not only works with me to make sure that their programs are in place and working but he became a motivator and model for many of them....” Cecelia.S., Parent/Foster Parent

....” Dr. Yacks, not only worked with me as a teacher to help my students succeed, but more importantly, he developed relationships with the parents, families and the student that were unique. A true friend of children with special needs.” Cathy D., LD/CD Teacher

....“Judy Yacks is always available for meetings with parents and staff whether it’s before, during or after work....she’s there.” David J, Principal

....”Just because I was an Interpreter and not a “teacher”, we were still team members with Dr. Yacks and the others. We were included in all meetings and our input and information was part of the students program.” Becca W. HI/D Interpretor

....” Dr. Yacks spent hours getting materials, helping with schedules, working with me, the aides and the parents for “my kids.” Rhonda A., MH Teacher

....” In the 10 years I worked with Dr. Yacks as a parent of a daughter with special needs and as a Para-professional a MH class, he has always valued me, my daughter and our students needs. He does what no other Coordinator does.....he is committed to the children and he communicates with everyone.” Kathy H., Parent/Para-professional